Hawk Management Courses


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Our hawk management course is certificated by Raptor awards  www.raptorawards.co.uk

Hawk Management Course

The course is available throughout the year and is aimed at those who

have little or no experience in the art of falconry20131229_140710303_iOS

but lots of enthusiasm and a passion for birds of prey.

spread over five days we aim to guide you through the mine field of information and legislation

you need to be aware of before getting your bird.

The course is completely hands-on and  covers bird suitability, legislation, husbandry, training, weight management, diet, health, telemetry, essential equipment, first aid, suppliers and much more.

At the end of your course we would expect you to be confident around but respectful of all birds of prey.

We would also expect you to not only know which bird you want!

But what bird is best suited to you and your circumstances.

As an administration point for the  Falconry Award  we can also provide you with registration,  assessment   and certification

So if you are looking to get a bird soon or in the near future this is the course for you.

Although there is a work book to complete and some class room work we aim to provide lots of hands on

practical experience setting you on the right track to eventually

own and safely keep your own bird

5 day hawk management course £500 per person  

5 day hawk management course £900 for 2 people  

Raptor Award
7 day hawk management course with raptor award assessment and certification  £700 per person  

please note  spectator is only allowed on the last day of the course

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    or to book a date please ring 07843098727 / 01395 279443

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