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family time is all about doing things together and enjoying each others company,

and what better way to spend quality time with the family than out in the fresh country air participating in the ancient sport of the kings

our family experience allows up to two adults and two children to enjoy first hand the thrill of meeting and flying a selection of our magnificent birds of prey.

from a tiny  kestrel to a 7lb eagle (adults only ) we have some thing for each member of the family.

your afternoon will start with and introduction to the birds we have at the centre  including owls, hawks, buzzard, falcons and the magnificent eagles.

as well as getting to handle these magnificent birds you will learn a bit about each species,their habitats, origins, diet and use in the ancient art of falconry.


we will then collect a selection of  birds and take them out in to the arena where you will get to fly these magnificent birds


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Family experience for 2 adults and 2 children  £150