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Ideal for schools, guides, scouts, brownies etc.

These sessions can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the group,IMG_0960

from one off sessions to full/half term sessions


we offer:


Show and tell style sessions.


*   We introduce you to our birds and tell you a bit about their life, habitat, diet etc.


story timeplop the owl

*an interactive session where our own barn owls take

part in the telling of the story of plop/owl babies

this session can be carried out here at the centre or at your venue.

all children will then get to meet and handle our owls

and learn a bit about their life, origin and habitat



Workshops for weekly term long sessions include .

Pellet disection

* You learn about our owls and their diet and digestive system, and find out what they had for tea last night by dissecting a pellet.

Furniture making

*How to make the leather furniture we use on our birds.


*How to track a bird that has gone AWOL using our telemetry system.


*How to make the different types of leashes used in falconry and why we use them.


*These sessions can be held at a venue of your choice or here at the centre


      for details on our outside displays click here